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This lesson poses some potential problems that I would need to plan for during my own lessons in the classroom. I find it very important to make sure that I keep the students engaged with out feeling overwhelmed. I feel like careful planning of my lessons will help troubleshoot a lot of the concerns. I would share cute jokes in Spanish on Monday before class starts. It always related to the topic. It was a cute and fun way to do the engage part of the lesson. I will need to be mindful of my classroom and student needs to help keep everyone on task and engaged.This unit is quit new to me, a bit confusing. But reading thoroughly and doing it all over and over again for a few times makes it possible to understand. It gives me the thought of focusing on the actual learning of the language rather than on the technicalities of the structure, though it is important at the same time. The technicalities on the language maybe more applicable on the higher level of learning and learners. As it requires the new learners to cope and learn the basic of the language first before they can digest on the technicalities of language.