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Excellent ideas and resources are presented for finding authentic materials, i.e. those materials created for actual use in real world situations, as opposed to the non-authentic materials created for use in the classroom. Additional discussion on Lesson Planning is addressed in this Unit with the emphasis placed on using the authentic, and/or non-authentic, materials in the planned activities. Resources for these materials are outlined. The Webliography included will prove to be an important resource for future class design.There are many problems that teacher face in class.Some of these include large classes, reluctant students and the use of native language in the classroom. It is very important that the teacher establishes rapport with the students so that it will set the tone of the rest of the lessons. The teacher has to use activities that will make the lesson purposeful and student centered. The use of questionnaires and pass the ball game s are some activities that can be used to get the students warmed up and more involved in the lesson.