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In this lesson, I learned that there are two types of skill, receptive skills (reading and listening) and productive skills (speaking and writing) which are equally important. Because of this, a teacher should incorporate the two types of skill in their lessons. When reading and listening, humans do not only use our eyes and ears but our minds as well. There are different skills we use while reading or listening such as skimming and deduction from context. Some ways to teach efficiently are to pre-teach vocabulary or carefully selecting a text.The section focused on maintaining control of a classroom and at the same time not being too overbearing on the students. Organization of the seating, styles of doing group work and gestures from the teacher all play a part in having a disciplined and organized classroom. There were helpful tips on what kind of gestures should or should not be used to give instructions, ask questions, etc. One thing I liked was that it did not put a lot of emphasis on being a strict teacher because the students need to feel comfortable to learn and participate.