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Unit 20 reviews the grammar functions of modal auxiliary verbs, phrasal verbs, and the passive voice. It describes that these functions are types of verbs that can add meaning to main verbs and behave as subjects in sentences. Also, it also discusses relative clauses and how it gives further meaning to nouns within a sentence. It also revisits intransitive and transitive verbs used in the setting as phrasal verbs. Although a bit complicated even to teachers, Unit 20 explains the grammatical system is a complex system that requires full-time study for at least 4 years.Because I've just spent the past five weeks' in a course specifically on classroom management, I feel comfortable and confident after reading and testing this unit. I particularly picked-up some new tips too, such as establishing rapport, even though I know how important it's to establish a good relationship with your students, I enjoyed the reminder, such as: don't supply everything yourself; let the students bring their information to the learning table too. Additionally, I enjoyed the piece about being cognizant of one's own voice: it's projection, and its overuse.