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Evaluating students with exams is an important aspect of teaching. Tests help the teacher and student gauge what has been learned from the course work. A diagnostic test at the beginning of a course is a good indicator of language skills students are beginning with. This can asisst the teacher in preparing future lesson plans and pairing students to enhance group activities. Students can also rate the teacher in the form of an evaluation. This helps the teacher recognize which teaching methods are effective and which areas need improvement.This unit covers the topics of conditionals and reported (indirect) speech. It explains these topics in great detail and suggests many ways in which these topics can be taught effectively in class. I feel that this unit is very enlightening to me. Previously, I've struggled to find the most effective way of explaining the use of conditionals and indirect speech to my students. After reading this unit, however, I feel confident that in the future I can teach these topics in a more effective manner, and that my students will also benefit from it.