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In this unit, we reflect upon the usage of the present tense in all four forms. Although it may look easy, we sometime know that a sentence is correct just by listening to it, so it is a vital part of the course to deal with the why so that we may later on explain it to our students. It is not a hard thing to learn, but it is sometimes confusing if not explained correctly. As teachers, it is our jib to be able to explain every nuance in the English language, so this overview is a good refresher on things that we might have forgotten.Assessment is a critical element in language education. Well-crafted assessments provide valid, reliable, and relevant information about student progress. Assessment data can be used to inform program evaluation and instructional design to better meet the needs of language learners and the educators who serve them.I don't think that tests should be the only criteria for assessment, but that they are one of many tools that we can use. I feel that choosing a combination of methods of assessment is the fairest and most logical approach.