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This unit was challenging as it needed me to refer to previous units. It helped me have an idea of how to create a lesson plan. I learnt the tips on how to plan for lessons properly. I also learnt that I should incorporate the ESA in my lesson plan for it to be a good lesson plan. The unit gave me the knowledge of what should be included in a lesson plan and the structure of a lesson plan. I just have to practice using the blank lesson plan sheet that was provided in this unit.Test are really important to know what is going on in a students head. I really agree with the text that even though we may not always agree with the various standardized tests out there we need to learn about them and prepare out students to take them. As this is the way they will be able to advance in life and get jobs or go to various schools. Evaluation is really important for the teacher to know how he or she is doing and for the students to see where they need to improve.