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In this Unit , I learned how to use various types of authentic materials and teaching aids for the benefit of my students. I also learned that visual aids are commonly used by teachers around the world in order to make their lesson more interesting for the students and more effective for learning a new language. This Unit also serves as a guide to me in becoming a good teacher because it prevents me from purchasing uneccessary materials for it suggested a lot of visual aids that can be found easily yet more effective in teaching.This unit is very straightforward, but it is still vital on understanding the teaching method from the student's perspective. The one part of the lesson that I found most useful is the multiple reasonings for listening or reading. The skimming and scanning method is something that we all do ourselves with our daily routines, so I can use this method to peak any interest for the students. Reading and listening for a purpose is most essential in my opinion since learning English is the main goal for the students to achieve overall.