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Grammar skills are useful in the aspect of education. This unit examines the conditionals and reported speech and the common problems may arise when learning these grammar points. The conditionals not only develop students' academic writing ability but also their pragmatic abilities in expressing possibility, politeness, and regret. Reported speech can work in interaction, giving participants a way of dealing with possible tensions. ESL teacher provide grammar correction to all students whether such feedback has any short or long term effect effect on student writing.Different types of tests are used to evaluate a students abilities and education level. Types of tests include placement tests, diagnostic tests, progress tests and practice tests. Placement tests are used to evaluate what level of language the student is at. Diagnostic tests are like placement tests but a little more advanced, it is used to see what the student already knows and what to focus on more. Progress tests are used to see what the student has learnt and see how far he or she has come with their studies.Progress tests are used in practice for external exams.