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THIS GIVES A GOOD DESCRIPTION OF WHAT DIFFERENT TYPES OF GROUPS YOU WILL ENCOUNTER. I RANGE CAN AND WILL BE VERY WIDE. I HAVE TAUGHT 3 YEAR OLDS UP TO ADULTS. AND THE NEEDS ARE VASTLY DIFFERENT. IT IS IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND WHAT MATERIALS TO USE ALONG WITH HOMEWORK, LESSON PLANS, ETC. CHILDREN LESSONS CAN BE MADE A BIT MORE FUN AND INFORMAL. THIS HELPS THE CHILDREN TO BE A BIT MORE RELAXED. ADULT LESSONS CAN SOMETIMES BE A BIT MORE FORMAL, AS THERE IS A CLEAR AND CONCISE GOAL IN MIND, ESPECIALLY IN BUSINESS CLASSES. ADULTS ARE THERE FOR A REASON AND DON'T HAVE TIME TO WASTE.In this unit, various aspects related to checking the knowledge and the (speed of) knowledge acquisition are presented. A clear distinction between tests for various purpose is made, such as placement and diagnostic tests to assess the language level and lacks of new students, progress tests to evaluate the efficiency of teaching, practice tests and external exams to provide students with an acknowledged external reference of their language level. Relevant examples of external exams allow to understand further the difference of required language levels as well as their purpose.