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In this unit we saw the different types of classes we may need to handle. They can be broadly classified into beginners, individual students,young learners, adult learners, business english, teaching monolingual or multilingual class. The beginners can be further subdivided into absolute beginner, false beginner, young beginner, adult beginner and beginner without roman alphabet. For all the above types we say the problems, do's and dont's. These should help us plan a customized lesson plan for each group.In unite five,classroom management involves the skills,organizing and managing of a classroom,in this,there are certain ways for which a class is effectively managed,using eye contact,gesture,students names and voice. Also,, we have, grouping students ,classroom arrangement,writing on the board,given individual attention,teachers and students talking time,given report,maintaining discipline in a classroom, In this unit,i have learned how to control and manage a class,how to establish a report.