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This unit covered some different teaching theories and then narrowed its focus on the ESA approach and a couple of variations. The unit then explained how to make a lesson using the ESA approach. I had actually never heard of this teaching approach before so this was all new knowledge to me. The unit also gave examples of many games and activities teachers can use during the engage, study, and activation phases of the ESA. After reading this unit I am more confident in my ability to make a good lesson plan.The Unit delves into Conditionals and Reported speech. The Zero, First, Second, Third and Mixed Conditionals are explained as well as teaching ideas to make the subject digestible and easy to learn for students. Direct and Reported speech is also explained and the transformation in verb tenses and pronouns that occurs in the transition between the reporting of Direct speech. I found the Verb tense chart and the section on time expressions particularly helpful as well as the teaching ideas for both subjects.