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This unit talked about the productive skills of speaking and writing. It talked about both accuracy and fluency, and it also went over the different types of speaking activities for the classroom. In addition, it talked about how to encourage students to speak and also provided some guidelines for speaking activities. In the \"writing\" section, it talked about issues such as handwriting, spelling and punctuation. I liked the sample activity lesson, because it used a cartoon strip as a theme, which I think could be both interesting and entertaining for most students.In this unit, I learned about the various aspects of classroom management, such as how to use voice and gestures to teach more effectively, the various possibilities of seating and grouping arrangements in the classroom, how to establish rapport with students, how to manage problematic students, etc. I found the section about managing problem behaviour most enlightening, since I usually didn't know how to manage unruly students and would discipline them very harshly. I hope that I can use the information learned in this unit to be a better and more effective teacher.