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The unit deals with teaching the productive skills of speaking and writing. Both are difficult to teach. But both area a mandatory outcome of any language learning. The inputs given in this unit are a simple way of imparting these skills. They show lots of interesting ways in which speaking and writing can be taught. Moreover the tasks discussed here involve the students productively in the learning process. Preparing for these tasks involves investing lot of time for the teacher but once prepared they can be used repetitively in many classes.Unit 15 covered the different types of tests or assessments that teachers or institutions may give and the purpose of each. Periodically formally checking students' progress may not be universally deemed necessary but some institutions require it, even if teachers themselves already feel they have a sense of the students' progress. This unit covered the difference between placement exams, diagnostic tests, progress tests, and the various external exams that students may be required to take, depending upon their goals and career requirements.