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In this unit I was able to watch two different ways how teacher can manage his/her lesson. I have learnt,that it is very important: 1) Teacher's attitude to the students. Techer suppose to be smiling,friendly and kind to his/her students. Then the students can feel more relaxed and confident to say their thoughts out loud. 2)It is very important to be prepared for your lesson. To have all materials you will need. 3) As a teacher you should be able to give a very clear explanations and instructions to your students. 4) Its important how teacher is using his/her eye contact,gestures and the voice during the lesson. 5)Funn and relaxing engage phase of the lesson will let you as a teacher more effectively start the lesson and involve all of your students. 6) It is important to learn all the names of the students,so they all can participate during the lesson.