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Like the previous units with present past tense verb structures, this is another helpful bit of information when it comes to explaining just how and why we use certain verbs tenses at different points in time. It is also interesting to note that verb tense choice doesn't only have to do with time, as we may believe, but also with our decision-making and our spoken intentions. These factors are things that native speakers often don't think about when creating these types of sentences, but when broken down and explicitly demonstrated, they make a lot of sense.This was definitely the most difficult unit so far. I have taught a lot of pronunciation before, so a lot of these concepts were not new to me. However, I had never gone so in depth before, and while a lot of this information was interesting, I question how useful it would be when actually teaching English. I also struggled greatly with the phonetic alphabet, even when using the chart to translate I could not make heads or tails of the questions regarding that. For example question 17 seems to translate to What colour is call. So I guess I'm missing something.