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S.B. - Canada said:
This unit covered evaluation and testing. Most schools will require some sort of formal testing. Placements tests are given prior to enrolling a student in school to see what level they are currently at. It starts of easy and gets harder. Diagnostic tests are usually given at the beginning of a course and provide feedback to the teacher as to where their students current level of language is at. The information can be used for lesson planning and structuring the course appropriately. Progress tests are given throughout the term in order to see how well the students are understanding and learning the things taught during the course. External tests are those given by an outside agency and are used to see the proficiency language of a student. Some students will be taking an English course with hopes of passing an external test and receiving a certificate that properly aligns with their current language skills. In order to help students perform better at tests, it is important to give practice tests through out the term. A practice test should resemble the real test as close as possible.