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The methodology are good illustrations and reminders on what I should include in my ESL classes. The examples on the engage phase had given me ideas on how to introduce themes and topics when I teach and make the lesson interesting. Futhermore, it made me realize the importance of considering the three stages during class preparation. Instead of merely imparting the language, having students participating in the class fully is the core of a productive English lesson. I also appreciated this unit's emphasis on giving correction at the right time and the right setting.This unit gave some information about how to influence the atmosphere in the classroom, voice, gestures and other body language. It discussed how different types of seating arrangements could aid different types of activities. It also provided some things to consider when deciding who should sit where, such as grouping 'stronger' with 'weaker' students, and making sure no one gets left out, and shy students can also contribute. The unit also described when the teacher might want to be more, or less dominant, and how sitting or standing could influence this dominance.