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The teacher did very poor in the first lesson.he wwasn't confidence of his teaching and was Very annoying, sad,and angry.he made the lessons very tiring and confusion for the students to the extend that they were not concentrating and participation anymore. The lessons from beginning to the end was just a mess because all was about the teacher busy facing the board and doing so much writing without engaging the students in anyway. I think a good teacher should be a promoter, manager etc and also to enjoy what he does and also care even more about the leaners.This unit covers equipment and teaching aids that can be used in the classroom to supplement your teaching. As is stated throughout the unit, with the developing new technology some of the equipment in this unit might become redundant, with smartphones now having video and audio recording and playback capabilities. The main point I've taken from this unit is the importance of preparedness - if equipment is going to be used it should be tested and checked in advance with a back up option if something goes wrong, whether it's an IT issue or whiteboard pens running out.