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I particularly found interesting the brief introduction that mentioned how linguists can argue that there are truly only two types of tenses, those being past and present. However, when teaching the language, we have to be more careful and especially more specific when discussing verb tenses, otherwise things become very cloudy. While it seems almost redundant or unnecessary to mention all these minor details such as \"present perfect continuous\", without acknowledging that each verb construction is unique, the teaching situation can be more difficult to explain.This unit provides a detailed explanations of the different teaching structures available for teaching new languages. I think this unit provides excellent examples of different types of activities for each section of the structure. The reason I think this is because there is a wide range of activities given in this unit. I found the Boomerang ESA structure. The reason I think this is best is because it provides a good balance of studying and activation activities. This gives students a variety of activities and prevents the class from getting boring for the student.