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In this section I have learnt of the importance of choosing course books carefully, considering when they were written and who for. Also that the books offer valuable ideas and activities but they are not to be followed to the letter as they are not designed for a specific set of students and every group of students will be different, therefore it is important to sometimes adapt lesson ideas or ignore completely depending on the students. Authentic material is much more engaging and offers more varied topics and should be utilised as much as possible where suitable.This unit provided two videos of an English lesson. The first one shows a less effective lesson while the second one shows a more effective lesson. The differences could be mostly due to the teaching attitude of the teacher. It can be seen that in the first lesson, the teacher did not smile at all and students felt stressful and did not want to participate in answering the questions. On the second lesson, the learning atmosphere is more relaxed and interesting, and the students were more willing to participate. The videos have helped me a lot on the teaching method.