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My thoughts on the factors that are needed to be considered and the special needs for corresponding English level learners were interchanged. However, this unit helped clarify that notion. Moreover, I am worried about teaching Business English. I always thought that people on that specific level would be ignorant and proud enough to learn because they are already successful. But this lesson probably is right about their needs and they are probobly more motivated to learn despite being tired and busy.In this unit we learn about modal verbs in the first instance. Modal verbs such as could, would, may, can, and be able are used frequently in requests as well as permissions, obligations, and ability. Each modal verb will have a different politeness or indication of necessity or probability. This unit also covers phrasal verbs, which are verbs useful only as a phrase 'got used to' or 'turn up'. There are certain rules affixing to modal verbs in relation to the placement of the object in the sentence.