TESOL Mogadishu

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K.R. - Korea said:
This unit presented the importance of lesson planning for teachers. I learned that planning a lesson ahead of the class allows the teacher to have an aid for keeping track of timing, a working document to refer to during the class and a general record of what was taught to students and when. The unit presented the basic principles of lessons which includes but is not limited to: keeping the planing simple and flexible, writing anticipated time for each proposed activity, and maintaining similar structure in lessons. The unit also presented key things a teacher should check before a lesson as well as an outline of a lesson plan for new teachers who may not have as much experience planning a full lesson. A common outline for lessons include learner's objective(s), personal aims of the teacher, any teaching aids, anticipated problems and solutions, language point or theme for the lesson, procedure, phase of the lesson and more. For this unit, I learned that it is very important for a new teacher to be organized and ready for each lesson and having an outline of a lesson plan can be very useful.