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The attitude of a teacher is really important in building the students' confidence. Once the students are confident enough, they feel relax and actively participate in the lesson. The teacher needs to encourage the students when they try to answer the questions no matter the answer is right or not. It will help to engage the whole class in contributing their ideas. Another thing I learnt from the first video is that when the students do the worksheet, the teacher needs to monitor by going around to make sure the students understand how to do.Finding the right teaching materials for a classroom is vital to the success of the students. Many things should be considered when deciding what curriculum, authentic or self made materials will be used. There are advantages of using a textbook and created materials, as well as disadvantaged. What I took away from this unit is that classroom materials should be balanced from all types, should be engaging and relevant to what the students know, and up to date. Whatever is the best thing to make that happen should be executed in the classroom.