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I can see the value in this unit, from the discipline aspect to the seating arrangement of the classroom to maintain orderly conduct with the students. When I taught in South Korea I had kindergarteners that I put into the horseshoe arrangement so that when I was teaching I could easily get to each student to answer questions, correct behavior, monitor progress or see their progress throughout their study phases. This unit ensures the correct way to use mannerisms to help the students focus on the lessons and not to concentrate on the motions of the teacher.The unit provides grammar reference concerning conditionals and reported speech. It goes without saying that these two topics are extremely difficult to teach since there are a plenty of grammar points to be covered and explained to students to make them understand the rules. However, if the right practice activities are chosen, students seem to perceive the information quality easily. It is also pivotal to chose deliberately the production activity so as to demonstrate that the studied grammar structures are in fact frequently used in everyday conversations.