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Lesson plans are important because they are an aid to planning as well as, a record of what the class has done, and materials that have been used. Creating lesson plans takes preparation and should include: learning objectives, language points, procedure, phases, timing, interaction, and class level. Plans can be written in any form, but must include the above mentioned elements. It is important to be prepared for your lessons by having all the materials ready before class begins, and check the equipment to make sure it is working properly.This unit goes over techniques of how to teach different parts of English. It gives good clear examples of what is appropriate and helpful and how you need to give certain information along with vocabulary for example. Students need to not just memorize a word but now how to use it how it affects other words, how to pronounce and spell it. This also is different from grammar structures and both of these are important to learning a language and need to have different proper approaches for students to understand how the language fits together.