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This unit discussed the forms of the present tenses. I feel like the most beneficial part of this unit was being aught what each of the present tenses is called (ex. present perfect continuous), as I did not actively remember the proper term for all of the tenses. I also liked that each section discussing a particular present tense included a few of the common mistakes that students may make, as it might help to be better able to recognize in future students, and to help correct their mistake more quickly.I enjoyed reading this module as i am able to relate to it everyday within my teaching environment. Learning about the different seating plans was particularly interesting as i find that it takes trial and error in order to find the best seating arrangement for each class so reading up on the different ways would be something i will practice in my classroom. Giving instructions was also something i found useful as its not always easy to know whether or not the students understand. overall, a useful module.