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Teaching grammar and vocabulary is a big part of our jobs as teachers. It is important to be able to teach all of these effectively to the students. Using the ESA method allows me to teach all of this to the students in a fun and engaging way. Having props and being able to elicit answers from my students is important in the beginning of the lesson. From there we can move to the study phase or the activity phase depending on what I have planned for the day or how the class is going. This lets me get a good sense of how the students are doing and adjust from there.Conditional and direct speech seem like two difficult grammar points to teach students, as they both have many rules. In addition, direct speech has many changes that need to be made to sentences, least of which are changes that depend on tenses. It seems to me that direct speech, beyond the simple tenses, should be taught at an intermediate level of English, once the students have a comfortable grasp of the language, as well the ability to construct correct sentences in any and all the forms. And as the unit states, this is something that should be taught slowly.