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Unit 7- Teaching New Language. This chapter is easy to understand because it is not so much on the technical of the language. It is simply giving some ideas on how to teach a new language to a group of students. In order for the students to under English as a new language to them, students need to master the Vocabulary, Grammar and Functions of the Language. Here we will continue to use the ESA method to run the class as in Engage, Study and lastly Activate the process.In this unit I have understood the often difficult to understand modals, phasal verbs, active and passive voice. This part of English grammar learning are what separates English from other languages. For example, I have clarified the differences between type 1 intransitive and type 2 intransitive verbs is - type 1 phrasal verbs cannot be followed by a direct object and; type 2 phrasal verbs can come either come between the verb and the particle or after the particle.