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Each video provided very unique examples of both positive and negative bahaviours in the classroom. In 31 there were MANY erros, including: 1) teacher says, repeatedly, 'very easy', making the students feel dumb and afraid to ask if they might find it hard. 2) teachers style was threatening, and not encouraging, not making the students feel comfortable. 3) trouble understanding the teachers diction. 4) annoying squeak of the board writing 5) Written words on board were not done prior top class. 6) Tone being set did not invite learning. 7)teacher lacked ability to encourage, engage, observe and did not provide individual help as needed. 8) Too much teacher writing with back to class, no participation encourage. LET THE STUDENTS GO UP AND WRITE, AS INDIVIDUALS OR GROUPS. BRING THE ANSWERS UP AND PRESENT. 9) TEACHER WAS DOING all THE TALKING. 10)