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In this unit I have learnt so many things about the history of ELT methodology. I can now differentiate between an approach, a method and a technique. I have also learnt a lot about the positive and negative features in each method. From the Classical method (Grammar-Translation) to the ESA method. Moreover, unit 3 shows how to make use of the elicitation technique inside the classroom. It also explains the different parts and types of an ESA lesson. In the “Straight Arrow” the lesson moves in order: “Engage, Study and Activate”. While in the “Boomerang” it is like that: “E, A1, S, A2”. But in the “Patchwork” it begins with E and ends in A and in between you put any phases, as many and in any order. Finally, I have learnt the correction techniques and how to give a feedback to my learners.