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Creating a lesson plan is challenging for the new teacher, so does the experienced teacher. How to make an effective lesson plan can affect the process of the lesson and also can reach the learning objectives easily and properly. In this unit, it provides us some structures of lesson plan and also some advice to make it practical. For example, how to control the time, how to make sure the activities fit for the objectives, how to run the class smoothly and how to prepare the teaching materials and so on. It does help me a lot.This unit explained the two productive skills, speaking and writing, which are an important part of every language. With speaking, accuracy and fluency both need to be incorporated into lessons. From this unit I learned several ways to encourage students to speak in a TEFL class, such as doing group-work activities, providing plenty of practice time, and generating interest and a purpose. Writing activities containing training and practice with handwriting, spelling, layout, and punctuation are important when learning English.