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This was the final unit to cover the verb tenses. My observation up until this point is that my students almost never use the future tense, although some certainly can understand it. This may be related to the fact that their native language does not have a future tense. Of course, they can express themselves effectively by talking about the future using the present tense, but they will need to learn the future tense to achieve fluency. I look forward to developing activities to exercise the use of the future tense.This unit is about different methods used in teaching language. The pros and cons of each method are stated. Regardless of the method used an effective English language class should provide as much exposure as possible to the language, certain amount of input is required from the teacher and students should be encouraged to discover language on their own. It is important to arouse interest in the lesson at the very beginning of the class and the class should end at the peak stage. correction should not be discouraging.