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This unit tells us about some cultural issues that are possible to be faced when teaching in a foreign country and it advises us to find more information about the country and traditions in advance. We also see the ways of seeking an employment, writing a CV and asking right questions about the job when interviewed. In this unit there is a list of exams and organisations that could be useful for the professional development. We also see a webliography of contacts that could be helpful in the process of teaching business English.This unit covered simple grammar. We learned about nouns (person, place, thing), adjectives (describes a noun), articles (a, an, the), verbs (action/state), adverbs (describes a verb), gerunds (-ing words functioning as a noun), pronouns (I, you, it, my, myself, etc), prepositions (describes a place) and conjunctions (such as and and or). Although this unit was all review, it's good to keep in mind the fact that since our students won't be native speakers, they sometimes need more technical and detailed grammatical explanations.