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Generating interest in the Engage portion of the lesson is very important. Knowing your students and having some ideas about their interests in also key to motivating learning. Motivated students are more enthusiastic and learning is likely to increase in that environment. Also, pre-teaching vocabulary to insure greater success for students is an important part of any lesson. Further, using activities in the Activate portion of the lesson that naturally follow the instruction builds confidence for participation in the comprehension task.In this lesson i have learnt many different types of equipments and teaching aids for teaching. Some of them might cost us more such as IWB or OHP, computers, video cameras, but they add more varieties to the lesson thus we can drive students' attention all the time. Some other less expensive tools are easy to prepare, and used very often in the classroom. As a teacher, we should be able to use these tools to make our class more interesting for students to learn new languages. Also I would like to try some of these aids in my future classes.