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This unit presents (pun intended) a summary of the grammatical structures, usage, common student errors, and teaching ideas of the present tenses, which include the present simple, present continuous, present perfect, and present perfect continuous. I particularly liked the teaching ideas section for each tense because I can use them in my lessons to make them more varied and engaging. The section on common student errors for each tense is also helpful because it gives me a \"heads-up\" on what to look for and how to give feedback when I read students' sentences.Unit 12 covers teaching productive skills. Much like in unit 11, we are taught the importance of both speaking and writing. We learn the differences between accuracy and fluency, and the activities we can use for teaching them. We learn how we can encourage students to speak more in class. We are then given some guidelines to use for creating some creative speaking lessons. We also learn about some considerations for writing, such as handwriting, spelling, layout, punctuation and creative writing. As always, we get examples of how these principles might be applied.