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In this unit I learned about what can go wrong in the classroom, and how to first of all try to avoid it, or secondly handle it when trouble comes around. It is important to try to make the lessons as engaging as possible, so that all the students are involved in the learning process. If the students start making noises or are being \"difficult\", it is probably because they aren't stimulated. I have learned that it is important to always evaluate yourself so that you give your students the best possible opportunity to succeed.Through this unit i have learned about teaching aids and equipment's which a teacher can use effectively to teach English in different and more effective ways. These equipment's make your lesson more interesting and real. Commonly used aids are given below 1: The Board 2: Interactive White boards 3: OHP,Computers, Visual Aids 4: Printers, Audio Video Player 5: Dictionary, Course books, Work sheets 6: Internet, Website, Youtube etc These aids are used in different ways for different purposes to helo students to learn English .