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To be honest I couldn't get so much out of this unit, maybe in a way I could think it gave me something extra for unit 3. Although it was good again to have a clear division of three: vocabulary, grammar and function. This can be a good starting point for starting to plan a lesson or a longer period of teaching, finding a good balance between these three. Also teacher has to make a decision which one to stress more, different aspects of language are more important to others than to others.For materials, one is authentic materials, they are real and therefore more interesting and motivating, students gain confidence when they understand them, they can be geared to the interests of a particular group of students. Another one is created materials to replace supplement materials from a course book. To choose the course book should consider the price, availability, design, methodology, skills, difficulty, syllabus, topic, teacher?s guide and what ancillary materials are there.