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Certainly had to do a lot of referring to the materials to make sure I got through the answers of this unit. Not sure if I previously mentioned this but the tenses system even I, a native speaker have trouble trying to distinguish. I liked the ideas that the reading section gave in relation to the palm reading since I actually believe that would be quite an intriguing and helpful activity to wards learning about the future continuous tenses. All in all, not a bad unit, just a little tricky with the usage of spontaneous etc.This unit looks at the several ways of forming future tenses; the four future tenses, two present tenses with future applications, and the 'going to' future tense. It explains the differences in structure, usages, as well as the mistakes and errors that students can make. This particularly looks at confusion between tenses, and explains how to show the differences between similar structures. I have learnt how to compare and contrast the tenses, as well as think about how to teach the differences between easily confused tenses.