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The content of this lesson includes the different types of classes an English teacher may encounter, such as teaching business English to adults, or teaching English to young learners or beginners of any age grouping. It includes tips for teaching beginners and individual students as well as ideas for homework for both children and adults. A list of do's and don'ts is proviided as well as suggestions for teaching English for special purposes. wehterh one on one or in groups or in a company's setting.Listening and reading are receptive skills of our four basic skills when people learn a new language. We need not only our ears and eyes but also our understanding skill which can make differences amongst different person. When teach these skills, at first we need choose appropriate materials, then we need know how to arouse students' interests toward it and how to get them involved step by step. A good lesson plan is necessary which should be included \"Engage\", \"Study\" and \"Activate\" at least.