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This unit was helpful in explaining the varying approaches to and reasoning for tests. Tests are pretty compulsory when it comes to schooling, however, this unit does a good job of explaining how testing language learning is very different from testing another subject in school. Once again, the focus should really be on fluency and understanding, however traditional testing tends to more heavily emphasize memorization. This is something that I will definitely want to keep in mind as I educate my students and how I approach testing and gauging their mastery of the English language.This unit gave an overview of the different parts of speech in the English language. This included definitions and examples of nouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, verbs, pronouns, gerunds and pronouns. It demonstrated that there are many rules in the English language that are used as guidance on how to properly use the different parts of speech. However, there are many exceptions to these rules as is the case with irregular verbs. There are no rules and the proper use must simply be memorized. This indicates that practice and repetition will be important to students success.