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After reading through this chapter, I learnt a lot with regards to how to create the right syllabus for students with different capabilities. Before setting the syllabus for the students, there is a need to find out their current level of English standard and this can be done with level test. After which there is a need to find out what these students want from this course and what they want to achieve from it. This is done using a need analysis. After knowing all these, it will then be appropriate to set the right syllabus for the students.This unit focuses on what should be considered in teaching vocabulary and gives some ways to effectively teach vocabulary. When choosing vocabulary words, the teacher should consider the appropriateness, frequency and teachability of the words being introduced. Also, the unit suggests some different activities at the three different teaching stages for teaching vocabulary. I wish the videos that went along with these lessons actually showed this methods in use instead of the guy just retelling what I already read and writing on a chalkboard.