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This unit is about the future tenses. It is important to notice that there are some present tenses used for future purposes. I think the future tenses are a bit easier to distinguish than the past tenses, and the ease of the future tenses has helped me use those same rules when looking back at the past tenses. This unit had many helpful tips for how to teach each future tense, making it easier for the students to tell the difference. It was also very helpful that the common mistakes for each tense were pointed out. This will help me stop mistakes before they start.Unit 15 describes the various tests which are generally used in the ESL world. Placement testing helps determine what class level to start a student, diagnostic testing also helps with placement and can also be used to determine a student's strengths and weaknesses. Then there are practice tests which prepare students for the external examinations. There are many external examinations which determine a student's ability to speak, write and read english. There are also business and other specific areas where students are tested using an array of the Cambridge exams.