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Unit 3 is about theories, methods, and techniques. Although there is no single and only effective way in teaching, the unit provides guidelines and comprehensive important point to be followed. One effective flow of the lesson introduced is ESA which stands for Engage, Study and Activate. I find this very useful and I will definitely continue using it in my class. Also, the clarification of the difference between errors and mistakes is commendable. This unit is indeed very helpful.The videos were really useful in showing me how to build interest in English language in the first lesson. Lessons come alive when colourful pictures, miming and other elicitation techniques are used. Students are happy to come up with examples of what they already know (animals) and then see them being used in a new way (learning of can/can't). Alot of fun and laughter is present as the students see their work come alive through the actions and teaching tools that the teacher uses.