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The future tense system tends to be the most complicated areas of the English Language. It includes: The future simple, The future continuous, The future perfect, The future perfect continuous, Be going + infinitive, The present simple, and the present continuous. As a child, i remember to be extremely confused over different terms and usage of each tense because i never understood, remembered, or differentiate the different tenses. As a teacher, i will make sure that my future students will understand each tenses, and usage to build a good base for English.This lesson was very informative and demonstrated the many different types of classes that a teacher may encounter while teaching English. There are many ways to learn and many things that I as a teacher need to do/know in order for the students to benefit as much as possible. I wasn't aware that there are such targeted classes, and it was also a surprise as to how much diversity there can be in classes - such as multilingual classes and classes geared towards business, law, or other disciplines. Definitely good information to know and to be prepared for.