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This unit began by introducing modal auxiliary verbs that are used to express a number of different ideas including obligation, possiblity, permission, ability, advice, etc. Usages for each of the modal verbs were provided. The unit continued by explaining usages and structures of the active and passive voice. Furthermore, this unit covered the various clauses while focusing predominately on defining/non-defining relative clauses. The three types of phrasal, or multiworded, verbs were also explained.This unit gives a brief but various introduction to teaching pronunciation and phonology. Different intonation patterns represent different manners of a speaker. And stress can also be received in different positions of a word or a sentence to indicate what needs emphasizing on. Articulation contributes to the phonemic alphabet and that's why we need to voice slowly and clearly for the first attempt. This unit refers to lots of terms while the difficulty lies in teaching in a much more accesible way.