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As a relatively new EFL teacher (less than 200 hours) I have struggled to provide comprehensive continuity in my lesson plans, even though I am beginning to understand methodology a little better. Knowing that balancing course books with authentic and created materials and adding supplementary material is a good approach will help me not be so rigid in my search for the perfect curriculum. Another challenge has been to find current, culturally sound material for Canadian studies. Many resources are British or American...the culture here in Canada is very different.The explanation about the present tense was very useful especially the way present perfect and present perfect continuous are used in daily conversation. However, the part that helped me was the worksheets part where I had to correct typical student errors and I had to come up with an idea about why the student made them and how would I correct the mistake. Finding type of activities for the Activate stage of the class is also a very useful exercise that I enjoyed during this unit. Everything helps me visualize classwork with possible issues and possible solutions.