TESOL Jobs Victoria De Las Tunas Cuba

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In Unit 9 I learned a lot about lesson planning and why we should create our own lesson plan. This unit gave clear details on the structure of lesson planning. Regarding the lesson plan procedures, i think that students will have fun with this structure. I'm picturing myself teaching ESA style. Brainstorm ideas get a lot of student feedback, learn the words, such pronunciation, work on fill in the blanks, get feedback from students. I think that activate would be the fun part because students can get very creative in this area.Teaching techniques for the pronunciation of individual sounds:Peer dictation-students reading and speaking words or sentences for a partner to write it down.Your own mouthp-over-emphasising individual parts of a word can be beneficial,allowing the students to see as closely as possible exactly what your mouth is doing.Visuals-by drawing a diagram of the mouth showing how a particular sound is made.Phonemes-symbols for common or difficult sound can be introduced to help the class note down problem areas more easily.Tongue twisters.