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When I learned grammar back in the 1959's there were only 3 tenses taught, present, past and future. It was not until I was in high school and learning another language that I came across the breakdown on the tenses that is now a part of grammar in English. Teaching Grade4 I now teach all the tenses but need to brush up on all each of them as I teach because it does not come automatically. This unit has given me a great resource to support my teaching and also has helped me sort it out. I do need more practise to become confident though.This was an excellent lesson, I really appreciated the outlines and the materials offered. I can see that having a good idea of the way the class should go is vitally important. I personally like to go off the cuff, but I can see that to start out with I'll need to put more effort into planning until I have a good idea of how a class should go. I'm looking forward to visiting the class that one of my friends teaches to better understand how she plans out her lessons and how she leads her class. Theory is one thing, but seeing it is another.