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Attitude really goes a long way in helping facilitate a comfortable and encouraging classroom. Letting your temper and frustration show is really disheartening for students, not to mention intimidating. The second video showcased an excellent lesson plan that was appropriate for the class. I hope to use that lesson plan one day when teaching the verb can and can not. I did something similar with relative clause 'An animal that is/which is...'. The videos in this unit helped to visualize some of the teaching material we have been learning.I have just finished studying the 3 tenses of the verb. The past which discussed about past action and its relation to the time of action, Present tense which talked about the different kinds of action happening at the given moment of time, its connection to the past and future and lastly, the Future tense whicj mainly discussed about action in the future,prediction, and completion of action in the future. All in all, studying all tenses and their components helps me to understand more the importance of tenses in a conversational English.